Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver are a production / Dj duo hailing from Helsinki, Finland.After meeting at a music production school, they found out sharing a similar taste in music. Both guys have a history in playing and producing Pop and Rock music as well as DJing so when they first hit studio together they started crafting their own blend of all things House, Disco & Electro.The first taste of this blend came in the form of remixes for a few different acts. The guys first release together was a remix for a Finnish band called HIM. Dying song – remix was released in late 2010 on the bands SWRMXS – album (Warner Music USA / Sire Records), along side with remixes from Tiesto, Morgan Page, Diamond Cut etc.. This was followed by a couple of more remixes.”Diamonda”and “Opal”, the first original tracks made by the duo, are coming out January 13, 2012 on Discotexas, with remixes delivered by Xinobi, Justin Faust and Bright Shades.


Ichisan is the moniker of Igor Skafar, a Slovenian photographer whose relationship with music began by playing the guitar in various bands, which later developed into a preference for electronic music. In 2008 he released his first solo international 12″ on London’s Airtight Recordings. ‘Global Pillage’ and ‘Tips & Tricks’ were very positively received and accumulated a number of favorable reviews, including a four star review from iDj magazine and praise from many illustrious names in the music industry such as Bjorn Torske, Pete Herbert, Prins Thomas and others… Ichisan has also contributed a track “Radar Pulse is Sent”, to the Eskimo recordings compilation “Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol. 1” and is now waiting on releases due out this year on Airtight recordings, Solardisco, Rare Wiri and Under The Shade/Jiscomusic; including a remix for the legendary band “Space”, which was released on Nang records in November last year. Together with Ule Nakova he is working on a project named Ichisan&Nakova. Their first album Yugo Tempo will be released in the beginning of 2010 on Nang records.



Jean Claude Gavri is one of Israel’s most prolific and eminent DJs, world-renowned producer, remixer, and keyboardist.

Recent collaborations with names like Jimmy Bo Horne & Dimitri From Paris, and an outstanding record of seven #1 spots in the JUNO sales charts in less than a year, Jean Claude is at his peak.


Jean Claude moved to New York City to quickly become the long time resident DJ of the city’s leading clubs of the time, including: Centro Fly, Lot 61, Bungalow 8 and Lotus, to name a few.
During his stay in New York City, Jean Claude got heavily into the world of vintage analogue synthesizers, and started producing his own “Nu Disco” tracks, before the genre was even born.

Jean Claude returned to Tel Aviv to become a Grade A session keyboardist of Israel’s leading musicians.

Jean Claude got massive radio play for his remix of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence”, which was the only official Depeche Mode remix ever produced in Israel; Following the enormous success of the remix Jean Claude shared the stage with DM’s Andrew Fletcher.

to present – Jean Claude is at the forefront of Tel Aviv’s underground nightlife scene. He is the resident DJ of the best underground venues in the city, including the world famous “The Block”.

Jean Claude started his own label “Coco Bin” and started performing under the stage name “Jean Claude Gavri”. Combining a unique mix of his professional DJ skills and virtuoso, energetic, mind blowing Keyboard playing. His career immediately took off on a worldwide scale. He scored six (!) #1 releases in the junodownload disco/nu disco charts in less than a year. Djs like Dimitri From Paris, Doc Martin & Greg Wilson are regularly playing his edits, and the hype is growing by the minute.

Jean Claude received an offer to work with legendary Jimmie Bo Horne on his comeback album, scheduled to be released in 2013.
In August, Jean Claude also went on a six date DJ tour in Brazil’s leading night clubs and is sure to go back there next year.
In October, Yet another Disco legend – DJ Dimitri From Paris, released a Re Touch of Jean Claude’s remix of Owner Of A Lonely Heart which got a massive success on dancefloors worldwide.

Jean Claude announced “Coco Bin Wax” – his vinyl only label, with the monster debute release – “The Get Down”.


On “Luv Hangover”
” Tel Aviv’s Jean-Claude Gavri has a rising reputation in the edits world, thanks largely to a string of releases that provide sturdy, floor-friendly reworks of both well-known and relatively obscure jams. The general vibe is sweaty and upbeat, giving the impression that Garvi’s primary concern is always the dancefloor. ”

On “Pulp Disco 2″
” In the last six months, Tel Aviv-based producer Jean-Claude Gavri has come from relative obscurity to dominate the disco edit download charts. It’s not hard to see why; his edits are dubby, percussive and floor-friendly, beefing up the original tracks without resorting to cheap tricks such as filters and super-compressed additional kicks. This second full-length collection of sneaky reworks features plenty of high-grade material,”

On “Nite Dubbin”
” Having made his name via a series of much-played re-edit releases, Jean Claude Gavri makes the move to original production with a sparkling two-tracker. The original version of “Nite Dubbin” begins with two and a half minutes of sturdy disco drums, before dropping into a mesmerizing, hands-in-the-air piano breakdown that seems to last an eternity. By the time the drums come back in, you’ll be lost in music “.

On “Edition Limitee”
” Hard-working scalpel fiend Jean-Claude Gavri seems to knock-out heavyweight disco re-edits at a furious rate. Here he presents four more tried-and-tested reworks to tickle the fancy of confirmed disco deviants

On “Sunny Side Up”
” More from prolific scalpel specialist Jean-Claude Gavri, who appears to be attempting to set a record for the most releases in the shortest space of time. We’ve no complaints though, as his pleasingly faithful re-edits and reworks are rarely less than essential. This latest EP features four more ‘floor-friendly rubs.

Jean Claude Gavri
T: +972 (0)52 5442099
E: jeanclaudegavri@gmail.com
Soundcloud: @jeanclaudegavri
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Jean-Cl…/159790097421111
Shop: http://www.junodownload.com/artists/Jean+C…avri/releases/

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Youtube – JCG Live
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Phunktastike is a pioneer and undoubtedly one of the first argentinean producers to venture into Nu DiscoHis talent to produce led him to experiment with all styles withinelectronic genre, which has given him the opportunity to sign his music onbig name labels like Extreme Records (NL) Baroque Recordings (UK) Molecule Recordings (UK) and also the opportunity to remix artists such as Kris Menace, Robert Owens, Luke Fair, Flash Brothers, Lou Teti, D Pulse, Rotciv and many more.In 2009 he founded his own record label Spirit Soul Music, which has already gained great success and several Top 100 releases on Beatports Indie Dance New Disco charts.As a DJ, phunktastike is placed into the top djs within Buenos Aires underground scene. With his success in music production, Phunktastike shown as dj in the best clubs and events such us Niceto Club (BA), Bahrein (BA), Shamrock Basement (BA) Moinho Louge (BR), Yankee (BR)The Phunktastike buzz seems to be growing by the minute! Everywhere his name shows up either globally in charts or dj’ing around the Buenos Aires underground dance scene, Nu Disco floor chaos is guaranteed.



Final Djs Thomas and I are 31 Years old. We started to djing with 14 Years. Tried many of different Styles of Music like Techno,Funk and came back to Housemusic with Daft Punk 1998. After playing in Clubs and Radio – much later in 2010 – we start to produce own tracks.2011 was a cool Year with Gigs…many Blogsupports and first Remixrequests. Also a Release on the Summer Compilation 1 at So French Records for example, finally, in 2012 we released our first own EP called “Gossip Country” with Remixes from people like Justin Faust and we won the Kris Menace and Lifelike Remixcompetition with forthcoming Releases on Compuphonic and Comput er Science.Our Soundcloudpage hits nearly 190.000 Plays and our Remix for MRTN was in the Top10 of the Hypem Chart s wit h over 25.000 Plays in only 1 Mont h. 2 EPs are already in Production and more Collaborations, Remixes will follow. Our Music is much influenced by the 80s (Like Gorgio Moroder,Herbie Hancock,Stevie Wonder,Tangerine Dream to name a few) and modern Electronic Dancemusic





Rafael Muttke aka Larix began his career in 2000 when as less than of seventeen dj stood resident one of more respected Polish clubs. He quickly found oneself in world strong underground sounds which they inspired his imagination and created more far evolution. Heavy work over progress his talents, large “taste” music and unusually pleasant personality make he become was respected and popular artist. Soon then Larix get proposals bookings from whole Poland. This DJ finds an amazing energy while he is playing. His sounds let people return to the dance floor. After a few years playing as dj, Larix further progress his career and ability he decided to take the production of music. First his tune appear in small netlabels and thanks their inventive building and unschematic sounds Larix music get very good opinion. That was big turn in his career and his work in studio was noticed by larger and more well-known labels such how: Impact Mechanics, Faction Records or managed by A. Paula Naked Lunche Records. He quickly became a highly valued techno artist in world for his unique and exceptional sound. In 2008 year Larix take significant success as producer founds own label Stereophonic. From this moment Larix this is not only dj, live performer, producer with large discography or the owner label but also the person willingly helping the young talented producers giving him the possibility appear in music world. Stereophonic has got huge success in world and tracks created by Larix are played by the best artists as: Richie Havtin, Dave The Drummer, A. Paul, Laurent Garnier, Alex Bau, and many many other. Larix continually with innovatory ideas and fresh looks creates the new quality of music. He was valued by Richie Hawtin in Plastikman ‘Ask Yourself’ Remix Competition as one of the five runners up. His remix is release on M-nus. Rafael with a head full of ideas and passion create the future of electronic music.


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